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Current Members

Barinder (Bobby) Bajwa
Adriana Zardini Buzatto
Wan Chan
Zhan Cheng
Pornpimon Jantaruk 

Hao Li
Dr. Monica Li
Sekkarin Ploypetch
Fernanda Monteiro Queiroz
Carlos Canez Quijada
Thanh Vi Tran
Chu-Fan Wang
Yingwen (Wendy) Wang
Yongjin Wang 

Minglei Zhu

Meet our members:

Barinder (Bobby) Bajwa, B.Sc. 

Email: barinder@ualberta.ca
Education: B.Sc. (2017), University of Manitoba

My research focuses on data analysis, algorithm design aI received my B.Sc. in analytical biotechnology from the University of Manitoba. For my honours project, I had the chance to work under Dr Helene Perreault in the characterization of O-linked glycans in porcine Immunoglobulin G. I also had a chance to work at Agriculture and Agri-Foods Canada as a summer research student. I helped assist my supervisor in the extraction and PCR amplification of barley DNA in order to help develop toxin free barley. 

I joined Dr Li’s group in September of 2017 to learn more about the use of LCMS in different areas of metabolomics, with interests in the biotech sector . 

My interests include watching NFL football, playing LoL, and browsing memes. 


Adriana Zardini Buzatto, M.Sc.

Email: zardinib@ualberta.ca
Education: B.Sc. (2011) and M.Sc. (2014), Campinas State University (UNICAMP – Campinas, Brazil) 


I received my B.Sc. degree in Chemistry from Campinas State University (UNICAMP – Campinas, Brazil) in 2011. As an undergraduate student, I volunteered to be a part of Dr. Ana Valéria C. Simionato’s research group on bioanalytics, where I worked with the development of a methodology to analyze nucleosides, putative cancer biomarkers, by capillary electrophoresis. After graduation, I left the research group to work as an analyst in quality control. I rejoined Dr. Simionato’s group and received my M.Sc. degree in 2014. My research was focused on developing and validating a new methodology for the analysis of nucleosides, putative prostate cancer biomarkers, on blood serum samples by capillary electrophoresis. This work raised my interest in metabolomics for cancer research; therefore, I started working on a PhD project in metabolomics of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma by liquid and gas chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry, supervised by Dr. Simionato. I joined Dr. Li’s group as a PhD student at University of Alberta in September 2015. I am particularly interested in metabolomics of biological fluids and intend on pursuing such research field in the nearby future. Outside the lab, I enjoy dancing ballet, reading, travelling, and spending quality time with my pets, friends and family.

Wan Chan, B.Sc.

Email: wchan1@ualberta.ca
Education: B.Sc. (2016), Hong Kong Baptist University  

At Hong Kong Baptist University, in my final year project, I worked on the application of HPLC and GC-MS to investigate the photo-oxidation products of IAA (a potential anti-cancer prodrug) under the supervision of Dr. Daniel W.J. KWONG. After that, I worked under Professor Zongwei CAI to learn about the applications of mass spectrometry and some biological sample pretreatment methods during the summer break. Working in these groups brought me to the field of metabolomics. I believed Dr Li’s group can provide what I want to learn and I will try my best for my research here as I think this is the best way to repay the great care given to me by Dr. Kwong and Professor Cai and the love from my family!





Zhan Cheng, M.Sc.

Email: zcheng1@ualberta.ca
Education: B.Sc. (2015), Beijing Forestry University; M.Sc. (2018), China Agricultural University

Zhan ChengI received my bachelor degree from Beijing Forestry university in 2015 and got my Master degree from China Agricultural University in 2018. During my graduate studies, my research project is mainly about finding the correlation between volatile metabolites and toxins generated from grape related fungi. From that, I got experience of gas chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry and data treatment strategy and developed great interest in metabolomics. I joined in Dr. Li’s group in September of 2018 to learn the analytical chemistry and metabolomics. In my spare time, I prefer playing video games and working out.




Pornpimon Jantaruk, B.Sc.

Email: jantaruk@ualberta.ca
Education: B.Sc. (2013) and M.Sc. (2015), Naresuan University (Phitsanulok, Thailand)

I received my Bachelor degree in Medical Sciences and Master of Science Program in Microbiology from Naresuan University.  During my undergraduate study, I worked on an anti-cancer research project.  This work was published in Journal of Applied Biomedicine entitled “Augmentation of natural killer cell activity in vitro and in vivo by sericin-derived oligopeptides”.  In 2015, I was studying Master degree under Asst. Prof. Dr. Duangkamol Kunthalert.  For my master’s thesis, I focused to develop novel anti-inflammatory agents for the treatment of inflammatory diseases. This research was published in PLoS One in 2017.  Now I’m a Ph.D. student in Microbiology Program (Immunology), Faculty of Medical Science at the same University.  I re-joined Dr. Kunthalert’s group and worked in Microbiology and Infectious Diseases laboratory.  My dissertation focuses on regulatory effects of the newly developed anti-microbial peptides on nontypeable Haemophilus influenzae induced-inflammation in innate immune cells.

I joined Dr Li’s group in October 2019 to learn about the use of CIL LC-MS in cellular metabolomics analysis. I believe that Dr Li’s group can help me to understand my results between anti-inflammatory pathways and cellular metabolic pathways.

I like travelling, cooking and watching TV series.



Hao Li, M.Sc.

Email: hli10@ualberta.ca
Education: B.Sc. (2013), East China University of Science and Technology; M.Sc. (2016), Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry

Hao LiBefore joining Dr. Li’s group, my previous research focused on the data analysis for mass spectrometry-based metabolomics. I joined Dr. Li’s group in 2016 and will continue to work on metabolomics with a focus on metabolomic data analysis.






Sekkarin Ploypetch, B.Sc. 

Email: ploypetc@ualberta.ca
Education: DVM (2012), Chulalongkorn University; M.Sc. (2014), Chulalongkorn University (Thailand).

I received Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree from Chulalongkorn University and Master degree in​ Small​ animal​ Surgery​ from the Department of Surgery at Faculty of Veterinary Science. Regarding​ my​ research​ project, I have​ had an​ experience with enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) and immunohistochemistry (IHC). My research focused on saliva and serum biomarkers for canine oral cancer. They inspired me to continue this project in PhD research. I​ had a​ chance to​ work on mass spectrometry-based proteomic with Dr.Sittiruk roytrakul, BIOTEC-NSTDA, Thailand in​ 2017. Since October 2019, I​ have joined Dr.Li’s group for learning and expanding knowledge and skills about mass spectrometry and metabolomics for​ my​ PhD​ research​ project. In my free time, I enjoy traveling, listening, reading, and watching movies.



Fernanda Monteiro Queiroz, M.Sc.

Email: Fmonteir@ualberta.ca
Education: B.Sc. (2016), Federal University of Juiz de Fora (UFJF – Juiz de Fora, Brazil) and M.Sc. (2018), Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-rio – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) 

I received my B.Sc. degree in Chemistry from Federal University of Juiz de Fora (UFJF) in 2016. During my masters I worked under Dr. Saint’Pierre and Dr. Hauser-Davis using  ICP-MS and HPLC to quantifying metals present in mammals subcellular fractions and evaluate potential toxic effects. I joined Dr. Li’s group as a PhD student at University of Alberta in September 2019. During my free time, I enjoy reading, traveling, watching TV and spending time with my cats, friends and family.







Carlos Canez Quijada, M.Sc.

Email: canezqui@ualberta.ca
Education: B.Sc. (2013), Carleton University, Ottawa, ON; M.Sc. (2015), Carleton University, Ottawa, ON.

dos dosI received my Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry) and Master of Science (Chemistry) degrees from Carleton University. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to laboratory research as an undergraduate summer intern from 2010 to 2012. I focused on mass spectrometry-based lipidomic research during my undergraduate and master’s theses. This time period ignited my passion for lipidomic research. I worked as an assistant researcher in the Carleton Mass Spectrometry Center from 2015 to 2018, where I performed proteomic and pharmacokinetic analyses. I joined Dr. Li’s group in 2018 to continue lipidomic research and discover the fascinating metabolomic field. I enjoy music and playing videogames on my spare time.  




Vi Tran, M.Sc.

Email: vttran1@ualberta.ca
Education: B.Eng (2009), Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (Vietnam); M.Sc.(2018), Thompson Rivers University (Canada)

I finished my undergraduate degree in chemical engineering in Vietnam and had worked in the plastic industry for a few years before coming to Canada. I received my Master (MSc) of Environmental Sciences degree with specialization in Analytical Chemistry in Kamloops, Canada.  I have a great amount of technical experience working with capillary electrophoresis (CE) systems as well as experience with liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC/MS). Joining Dr.Li’s group for my PhD journey, I expect to expand my understanding of mass spectrometry as well as metabolomics analysis. During free time, I love to enjoy TV shows with my family, cooking and playing with my kitty.





Chu-Fan Wang, M.Sc.

Email: chufan1@ualberta.ca
Education: B.Sc. (2015), China University of Mining and Technology; M.Sc. (2018), China University of Mining and Technology.

Chu-Fan WangI received my bachelor and master degree from China University of Mining and Technology. My previous work focused on characterizing unknown compounds and components in complex mixtures extracted from coal by different analytical methods such as GC/MS and Orbitrap MS. During my MSc graduate project, I realized that mass spectrometry is really interesting and amazing. I joined Dr. Li’s group in 2018 to continue my research. Outside the lab I enjoy playing videogames and watching movies.



Yingwen (Wendy) Wang, B.Sc.

Email: yingwen2@ualberta.ca
Education: B.Sc. (2017), University of British Columbia

Yingwen WangI received my Bachelor degree in Chemistry from University of British Columbia in 2017, and went to  University College Dublin as an exchange student during undergraduate studies. In 2018 I was at Zhengzhou University working on carbon dots synthesis. From these experiences my interest in analytical techniques and applications had been developed. In September 2018, I joined Dr. Li’s group and began my further research in analytical chemistry.





Yongjin Wang, B.Sc. 

Email: rongjin@ualberta.ca
Education: B.Sc. (2016), Jilin University

I received my Bachelor degree in pharmacy from Jilin University in 2016 and continued to go through the master-doctor combined program in pharmaceutical analysis in Jilin University and Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry. My previous research focused on mass spectrometry-based metabolomics and lipidomics for studying traditional Chinese medicine against cerebral ischemia. In September 2019, I was fortunate to join Dr. Li’s group with the funding of China Scholarship Council as a joint PhD student. I expect to learn more advanced knowledge about mass spectrometry and metabolomics in Dr. Li’s group. In my spare time, I like to sing with friends and enjoy sports activities such as swimming and basketball.








Minglei Zhu, B.Sc.

Email: minglei@ualberta.ca
Education: B.Sc. (2016), Zhejiang University

I received my B.Sc. degree in Chemistry from Zhejiang University in 2016. I was working on nanocarbon electrodes in my undergraduate school and I published three papers as a co-author. I developed an interest in mass spectrometry in my last year of undergraduate study and I joined Dr. Li’s group in 2016 to start my graduate research. In my spare time, I enjoy travelling, reading and playing violin.