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Current Members

Postdoctoral Fellows, Research Associates and Technicians

Dr. Nan (Helen) Wang
Dr. Taibo Luo (co-supervised with Prof. Guohui Lin)

Graduate Students

Adriana Zardini Buzatto
Wan Chan
Xinyun Gu
Wei Han
Anna Henderson (co-supervised with Prof. Chuck Lucy)
Kevin Hooton
Hao Li
Yunong Li
Xian Luo
Dorothea Mung
Xiaohang Wang
Shuang Zhao
Minglei Zhu

Meet our members:

Nan Wang, Ph.D.

Email:  nanw@ualberta.ca

Education: B.Sc. (2003), Zhejiang University; Ph.D. (2008), University of Alberta

nwangI obtained my Ph.D. degree in Dr. Li’s lab in 2008. My research focuses on metabolomics, proteomics and integration of the two for biological and clinical applications. I am currently an RA and Lab Manager in Dr. Li’s lab. 










Taibo Luo, Ph.D. 

Email: taibo@ualberta.ca
Education: Ph.D. (2015), Sichuan University

Taibo Luo 2016I received my Ph.D. degree in Management Science and Engineering from Sichuan University in 2015. My research focuses on data analysis, algorithm design and analysis. I joined Dr. Lin’ lab and Dr. Li’s lab on March, 2016.










Adriana Zardini Buzatto, M.Sc.

Email: zardinib@ualberta.ca
Education: B.Sc. (2011) and M.Sc. (2014), Campinas State University (UNICAMP – Campinas, Brazil) 


I received my B.Sc. degree in Chemistry from Campinas State University (UNICAMP – Campinas, Brazil) in 2011. As an undergraduate student, I volunteered to be a part of Dr. Ana Valéria C. Simionato’s research group on bioanalytics, where I worked with the development of a methodology to analyze nucleosides, putative cancer biomarkers, by capillary electrophoresis. After graduation, I left the research group to work as an analyst in quality control. I rejoined Dr. Simionato’s group and received my M.Sc. degree in 2014. My research was focused on developing and validating a new methodology for the analysis of nucleosides, putative prostate cancer biomarkers, on blood serum samples by capillary electrophoresis. This work raised my interest in metabolomics for cancer research; therefore, I started working on a PhD project in metabolomics of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma by liquid and gas chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry, supervised by Dr. Simionato. I joined Dr. Li’s group as a PhD student at University of Alberta in September 2015. I am particularly interested in metabolomics of biological fluids and intend on pursuing such research field in the nearby future. Outside the lab, I enjoy dancing ballet, reading, travelling, and spending quality time with my pets, friends and family.


Wan Chan, B.Sc.

Email: wchan1@ualberta.ca
Education: B.Sc. (2016), Hong Kong Baptist University  

At Hong Kong Baptist University, in my final year project, I worked on the application of HPLC and GC-MS to investigate the photo-oxidation products of IAA (a potential anti-cancer prodrug) under the supervision of Dr. Daniel W.J. KWONG. After that, I worked under Professor Zongwei CAI to learn about the applications of mass spectrometry and some biological sample pretreatment methods during the summer break. Working in these groups brought me to the field of metabolomics. I believed Dr Li’s group can provide what I want to learn and I will try my best for my research here as I think this is the best way to repay the great care given to me by Dr. Kwong and Professor Cai and the love from my family!








Xinyun Gu, B.Sc.

Email: xinyun@ualberta.ca
Education: B.Sc. Specialization in Chemistry (2016), University of Alberta

I received my B.Sc. degree in Chemistry from University of Alberta in 2016. During my second year of undergraduate study, I joined in Dr. Charles Lucy’s group where we worked on finding the effect of mobile phase pH and buffer concentration on HILIC selectivity. From those experience, I gained fundamental knowledge and technology in LC system. Later, I worked with Dr. Michael Serpe on polymer-based optical devices. In 2016, I became part of Dr. Li’s group to get better understanding in mass spectrometry and learn about real world applications.





Wei Han, B.Sc.

Email: whan2@ualberta.ca 
Education: B.Sc. (2012), Zhejiang University

I was in the CKC Honors College of Zhejiang University and I chose Chemistry as my major at the end of the second year. Then I participated in the Student Research Training Program (SRTP) and chose Prof. Qiaohong He as my supervisor. The project topic was Rapid Immunoassay based on Microfluidic Chip. I focused on the surface modification of PDMS by UV, the construction of Self-assembled Monolayer on glass and the Mirco-printing technique to transfer macro- molecules such as IgG. I joined Dr. Li’s group on September, 2012. I’m looking forward to start my research here.









Anna Henderson, B.Sc. 

Email: arhender@ualberta.ca
Education: B.Sc. (2014), The University of Winnipeg 

AnnaLab 2016I received my bachelor’s in chemistry from The University of Winnipeg. I had the unique opportunity to be supervised by several of the professors there: Dr. Goltz, Dr. Craig, Dr. Wood, and Dr. Wong. I did my honour’s project on pyrolysis of textiles with solid phase micro-extraction-gas-chromatography-mass spectrometry under the supervision of Dr. Goltz. I spent three summers working for Dr. Craig using a very homemade capillary electrophoresis instrument with laser induced fluorescence detection. I dabbled in synthetic chemistry under the supervision of Dr. Wood during a directed studies project and then continued for a semester just for fun. I also did environmental sampling along the Red River for Dr. Wong one summer. My project with Dr. Li will involve the separation of lipids using hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography with the end goal of diagnosing patients with spinal cord injuries. When not in the lab, I enjoy a variety of volunteer work for Let’s Talk Science mostly as a coordinator for Let’s Talk Nanoscience and The Let’s Talk Science Challenge. I also enjoy volunteering at The Edmonton Valley Zoo. My hobbies include: running, reading, climbing, yoga, and writing.


Kevin Hooton, B.Sc. (Hons)

Email: khooton@ualberta.ca 
Education: B.Sc. Honors in Biochemistry (2014), McMaster University

Kevin HootonI received my undergraduate degree from the Department of Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences at McMaster University. I studied under Dr. Michael Surette for my undergraduate thesis project. Its focus was the directed evolution of LasA protease to increase the efficiency of our nucleic acid extractions of microbial communities. The Biochemistry co-op program gave me the opportunity to work as a lab analyst at the McMaster Regional Centre for Mass Spectrometry. Here, I received hands-on experience with the operation of mass spectrometers and became intrigued about their use as a tool in studying biological phenomena. My second work term was stationed at Agriculture & Agri-food Canada, Saskatoon Research centre. My project’s focus was the search for a molecular marker of seed coat colour in Brassica carinata. I moved to Edmonton to study with Dr. Li in order to practice mass spectrometry in a real research setting that involves biology. Outside of the lab I enjoy playing guitar, golf, and hockey.

Hao Li, M.Sc.

Email: hli10@ualberta.ca
Education: B.Sc. (2013), East China University of Science and Technology; M.Sc. (2016), Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry


Hao LiBefore joining Dr. Li’s group, my previous research focused on the data analysis for mass spectrometry-based metabolomics. I joined Dr. Li’s group in 2016 and will continue to work on metabolomics with a focus on metabolomic data analysis.









Yunong Li, B.Sc.

Email: yunong1@ualberta.ca 
Education: B.Sc. (2013), Wuhan University


I received my bachelor degree from Wuhan University in 2013. I am interested in applying the knowledge in chemistry to the real-life problems. During my undergraduate degree, I joined the Electrocatalysis and Fuel Cell Lab of Hubei Province and worked on the project of alkaline polymer electrolyte for fuel cell application. I helped synthesize different polymer electrolyte and tested the electrolyte in fuel cells. During the project, I gained many experiences in electroanalytical methods and the synthesis of polymer material. And in September 2013, I joined Dr. Li’s group to begin my research in the area of analytical mass spectrometry. Outside the lab, I love to play badminton and basketball. And I also love singing and playing the guitar.





Xian Luo, B.Sc.

E-mail: xluo2@ualberta.ca 
Education: B.Sc. in Applied Chemistry (2012), Beijing Institute of Technology

Xian Luo

I received my Bachelor degree from Beijing Institute of Technology in 2012. During my undergraduate study, my research project was about preparation of modified electrodes and their application in environmental analysis. My hobby is Traditional Chinese Literature and Classical Philosophy of Germany.








Dorothea Mung, B.Sc.

Email: dorothea@ualberta.ca
Education: B.Sc. (2014), University of Alberta

DorotheaI received a B.Sc. degree with a double major in Chemistry and Biological Sciences from the University of Alberta in 2014. I then went on to do summer research in the Department of Biochemistry under Dr. M. Joanne Lemieux. My focus for the summer was to investigate potential binding partners and/or substrates for the Escherichia coli rhomboid ecGlpG, an intramembrane serine protease. I am now continuing with my education and have joined Dr. Li’s group to get a better sense of applying my knowledge to hands-on research. I like music, movies, hockey, travelling and most of all I love to eat.







Xiaohang Wang, B.Sc.

Email:  xi14@ualberta.ca
Education: B.Sc. (2014), Shandong University

Xiaohang Wang 2016I obtained my Bachelor degree in Material Science from Shandong University in 2014. During my undergraduate studies, my research project was fabricating gas sensors using novel nanomaterials, which helped me to develop experimental skills. In this process, I learned something about mass spectrometry and felt interested in it. So in September 2015, I joined Dr. Li’s group to learn more about the analytical mass spectrometry and metabolomics. Now I focus on the metabolomics study of Alzheimer disease based on mouse model to try to find the potential biomarkers. Outside the lab, I like reading books and watching movies.








Shuang Zhao, M.Sc.

Email: szhao1@ualberta.ca 
Education: B.Sc. (2011), Tsinghua University, China; M.Sc. (2014), Tsinghua University, China.


I received my B.Sc. and M.Sc. degree in Tsinghua University, China.  In the Laboratory of Pharmacology Pharmaceutical Sciences I finished my undergraduate thesis project and graduate research. My previous research mainly focused on metabolism and transport behavior of natural small compounds in vivo and in vitro. These potential multifunctional drugs are extracted from Traditional Chinese Herbs and have a variety of pharmacological activities. I joined Dr. Li’s group in 2014, working on mass spectrometry and metabolomics.










Minglei Zhu, B.Sc.

Email: minglei@ualberta.ca
Education: B.Sc. (2016), Zhejiang University

I received my B.Sc. degree in Chemistry from Zhejiang University in 2016. I was working on nanocarbon electrodes in my undergraduate school and I published three papers as a co-author. I developed an interest in mass spectrometry in my last year of undergraduate study and I joined Dr. Li’s group in 2016 to start my graduate research. In my spare time, I enjoy travelling, reading and playing violin.